Webmaster, Web Site Conception, Audit and Design.

South-West France

Full Responsive CMS with dedicated mobile versions:


Website creation including: maintenance contract, personalised service, tailor-made, based on a 12-month package/contract, including a new site, layout, creation of a mock-up, installation and administration of the site on the Internet.

1/ Creation, design and SEO: Website in one language with multi-language option (excluding translations).
Dedicated mobile version if needed.

2 / 12-month maintenance contract: Fully responsive, Word Press-based website with theme builder and WYSIG direct editing interface. Web site and server administration 24/7, including software updates, site security, and backup. SSL certificate.

3/ Editorial updates 1/2 day / month (included). I developed a very successful model(s) built around Word Press and a theme builder, with a selection of plugins carefully chosen for their compatibility, language management, SEO, as well as utilities necessary for the operation of the site.

Update and maintenance:

A website is relatively quick to produce nowadays. On the other hand, the administration takes more time and a constant and secure technical watch is mandatory, as well as the weekly management of software updates.

Responsive is not enough:

It is sometimes necessary to have a separate version more suitable for a mobile display that goes directly to the essentials and that will give complete satisfaction to your visitors and mobile customers.

The latest studies (Google) show that 95% of users have already visited sites that were not adapted to the mobile screen and 48% did not have a good experience as users and were disappointed.

Mobile means what it means; When you are mobile you are looking only for the information you need and not necessarily the multitude of information you receive when you surf on your PC or tablet. Most of the information must be accessible directly on the mobile version: your activity, your products, location, schedules, means of contact, maps! etc.