Association Le Tympan

Place de la halle
from 4/1/24 to 24 /2/24
vernissage  6.1. & 3.2


Photography Exhibition
Château Prieural,  Monsempron Libos  47500
7/10/23 – 22/10/23
14:30 – 18:30

Every day 14:30 – 18:30 except Mondays
From Saturday 7 October – 22 October
Artist in the house.
Vernissage Thursday 6 October 18:30

“Undergrowth” Collection

Presentation of 45 photographs composed of 4 limited series of 25 editions.

GROUND FLOOR, right and left wall.
Sous-bois collection square 40/40 A3, black wood frames, white beveled black mat: 15 photos
Sous-bois collection black and white 40/60,  A3, black aluminum frames: 10 photos

distributed in the two rooms.
Sous-bois collection 40/60 A3, black or chrome aluminum frames, custom mat, beveled: 10 photos
Sous-bois collection 50/70 A2, black aluminum or chrome frames, custom mat, beveled: 10 photos

Tarpaulins and selected photos


Press Review

On Friday 6 October, art lovers attended the opening of Philip Payne’s photography exhibition at the Priory Castle of Monsempron Libos 47. Passionate from a very young age first as a professional photographer before becoming a sound engineer, Philip Payne took up photography again for the creation of websites. Today, since 2000, he has been living in the Lot in Southwest France, combining his passions for photography and close-up immersive nature views of forests and underwoods in the area as well as in the Midi-Pyrenées.

Throughout the seasons, he wanders in the undergrowth of the nearby forests, often returning to the same place, to engrave on his camera, and fix forever, fleeting images. Philip Payne particularly likes to play with mist, low rays of sunlight and offers what he calls “an interpretation of immersive reality”, to “send messages and provoke moods and emotions”. Working with a telephoto lens with a very tight focus, he deliberately blurs to better emphasise a detail or simply invite you to dream with his landscapes, in black and white tones to better “capture” winter, or in colour, in a series of paths transformed into tunnels or cathedrals of greenery.
Michel Debiard
Sudouest 07/10/2023

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